Sheina Szlamka


  • Illustrator, Film

    Sheina Szlamka is a young illustrator and art director from Paris. Graduated from the prestigious School of Art Direction Penninghen in Paris with a stint at the School of Visual Art in New York, she puts all her energy into her passion and her job : illustration. Sheina modulates her colourful, poetic and dreamlike universe in different sectors such as press, fashion, advertising and culture, as many variations as her creations. She likes to represent very different characters in her illustrations, of all colours and shapes in order to celebrate the differences. In 2018, she drew 50 portraits of pioneer women for the book « Audacieuses » written by Yannick Resch. Sheina lends her universe to many brands such as Dior, Le Chocolat Des Français, Vogue Japan, Pandora, the 24h du Mans and Elle Magazine.